Annual General Meeting

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Why we hold an AGM.

As a member, you’re also a shareholder. That means you have a say in how we do things. Our AGM happens once a year, and you get the chance to:

  • Hear from your Board of Directors, an elected body that works on behalf of you, and holds us accountable to making member-first decisions
  • Ask questions and give feedback on matters impacting shareholders and Vancity as a whole
  • Learn about the vision for the upcoming year and hear from our CEO

Member requests.

Members may bring forward requests to the Board of Directors anytime, and sometimes, may wish to bring them for consideration by the general membership.

  • A member proposal is a matter proposed for member consideration and must be delivered in writing 90 days before the AGM and then attached to the notice of meeting, in accordance with the Credit Union Incorporation Act.
  • A member special resolution is for more complex business matters. A minimum of 300 signatures and a clear proposal is required at least 90 days before the AGM, and two-thirds of members who vote need to approve the resolution for it to pass, in accordance with the Credit Union Incorporation Act. All special resolutions are reported to the British Columbia Financial Services Authority, the regulator for credit unions in BC.


Here’s what happens at our AGM:

  • Report from the Board of Directors
  • Report from the Chief Executive Officer
  • Report from the External Auditor
  • Results of the Board of Directors Election
  • Member Q&A

Have a question for Vancity’s leadership team during the AGM?

The Member Q&A is a perfect time to share your voice.

2024 AGM Member Questions & Responses