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Class E Investment Shares Dividend rates

Vancity’s Class E Investment Shares are non-voting, equity shares.1 Dividends are declared quarterly and paid annually.2

As an equity investment, the Class E Investment Shares are not deposits: returns are not guaranteed, and the funds are not eligible for deposit insurance.

These shares are not currently for sale.

Rates apply to non-registered, RRSP and RRIF Class E Investment Shares

Vancity Class E Investment Shares
(Rates effective 2023-07-01)
2023 Dividend Rate3
1st Quarter 5.14%
2nd Quarter 5.02%
3rd Quarter 5.68%
4th Quarter TBA
Previous Rates 2022 Dividend Rate
4th Quarter 3.5%

1 Vancity Class E Investment Shares are subject to the rights and restrictions as set out in the Vancity Rules.
2 Pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada) dividends paid by Vancity on Class E Investment Shares are deemed to be paid as interest. Dividends are declared at the discretion of Vancity's Board of Directors and the current quarter dividend rate shown is subject to final Vancity Board approval.
3 Effective Q1-2023, the Vancity Board of Directors has approved a dividend rate equal to 2% above the Government of Canada Benchmark Bond Yield – 5 Years (GOC 5 Year).