Teacher Special Deposit rates

Teacher Special Deposit rates

Teachers Special Deposits are non-voting deposits. The interest rate is declared quarterly and paid annually.1

These deposits are not currently for sale.

Rates apply to non-registered, RRSP and RRIF Teachers Special Deposits

Teachers Special Deposits
(Rates effective 2023-12-31)
2023 Interest Rates1
1st Quarter 4.55%
2nd Quarter 4.12%
3rd Quarter 4.77%
4th Quarter 5.32%

1 Current interest payment: Teachers Special Deposits interest is calculated on minimum quarterly balances and paid annually.

Future interest payment (effective November 11, 2016): The interest rate and the interest payment calculation will be equal to the dividend rate and dividend calculation of the Vancity Class C Investment Shares. Current quarter rate shown is subject to final Vancity Board approval.