Your security

At Vancity, we’re committed to keeping your personal and financial information safe and protecting your security no matter how you choose bank with us. For us, “security” means safeguarding your personal and financial information, and working with you to prevent fraud, theft and other scams that could lead to losses for both you and your credit union.

Common security threats
Fraud is a significant problem in the financial services industry, and Vancity takes fraud seriously by working hard to protect our members from financial crime.

Learn more about common security threats to you – what they are, what we’re doing to protect you, and simple steps you can take to prevent yourself from being a victim of fraud.

What we’re doing to protect you
Vancity has many safeguards in place to protect you. From secure firewalls, web encryption to enhanced monitoring, these systems allow us to identify fraudulent transactions.

What you can do to protect yourself
You also play an important role in keeping your access and transactions safe and secure when using computers or mobile devices. Security and fraud prevention is a partnership between Vancity and our members – a two-way street. While we have systems in place to keep your information and money safe, we can’t successfully stop fraud without your help. There are lots of simple things you can do to keep your money safe. Learn how you can protect yourself from fraud, scams and other security threats.