Understanding cookies

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small file that is transferred to your computer's hard drive through your web browser. It's like a personal identification card that is unique to you and can only be read by the website server that gave it to you. A cookie's function is to tell our system that you have returned to our website. It cannot be executed as computer code or used to deliver viruses.

How does a cookie help me?
A cookie saves you time when you personalize a web page, register for products or services or subscribe to a newsletter by helping our website remember you so you will see the information you requested when you return to the site.

How does Vancity use cookies?
Cookies help our website to work more efficiently for you. We learn what information is important to you, and also what information is not important. Cookies help us to remove web pages members don't use, and focus on providing the information members need. Our cookies are also necessary to maintain your secure session when you’re accessing our pages.

Do I need to accept cookies?
If you don’t want to accept cookies from vancity.com, you can set your web browser to accept no cookies or to erase all cookies at the end of the session. However, please note that our online banking service requires cookies. If you wish to bank online, you’ll need to enable your browser to at least use “session cookies,” which are stored temporarily and destroyed when you leave our site, providing added security and convenience when you bank online.

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