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CMHC mortgage insurance

High-ratio mortgage savings

Are you considering using the equity in your home to fund energy-efficient renovations? Or maybe you're thinking about buying a new energy-efficient home or an older home that you can renovate to make more energy efficient?

If you are, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) can save you money on your high-ratio mortgage insurance premium. That's the amount you pay to insure your mortgage if you finance 95% of the purchase price of your home. CMHC refunds 10% of your premium when you buy an energy-efficient home or renovate to increase your home's energy efficiency. You may also take an amortization up to 35 years and pay the same premium you would on a 25 year amortization.

You qualify for the premium refund if you:

  • buy a home rated 80 or above on Natural Resources Canada energy assessment scale or buy an R2000 certified home
  • already have a CMHC-insured high-ratio mortgage and complete energy-efficient renovations that improve your energy efficiency rating by at least five points to a minimum rating of 40


  • reduce your CMHC mortgage insurance premium
  • improve your cash flow without paying a higher mortgage insurance premium

Ready to learn more?

Please visit a Vancity branch or call us at 604-877-7000. Or, visit the CMHC website at for useful information and renovating tips. A CMHC insurance premium refund request form is available on the CMHC website or from your Vancity branch.