Click to Pay with Visa* – safe, fast and easy online shopping

Online buying is evolving so you can pay with fewer clicks. Paying online with your Vancity enviro Visa card is:


Have your enviro Visa at your fingertips for online purchases. This icon means you no longer have to enter your 16-digit enviro Visa card number, enter passwords or fill out long forms. Simply click this icon , enter your primary enviro Visa card information once in a browser on your device and choose “Remember me for faster checkout” and your card will automatically be available at checkout across all merchants where Visa Click to Pay is accepted.


When you set your card up it will be stored with Visa not the individual merchant. This enables you to click this icon anywhere Visa Click to Pay is accepted and experience the same time-saving digital checkout experience.


When you Click to Pay with Visa, you can be assured that Visa’s global payment network is always looking out for you – fighting fraud, reducing risk, and helping to make transactions fast and worry-free. Visa uses multiple layers of payment security, and its anti-fraud detection system monitors every payment in real time, analyzing more than 500 unique risk attributes. We will continue working closely with Visa to safeguard your sensitive payment information and prevent unauthorized use of your card. Protecting you is our top priority.

when you check out at participating online retailers to get started and pay with your enviro Visa card wherever Visa Click to Pay is accepted.

Specifically, you can set up your enviro Visa cards for this easy, smart and secure online checkout:

  • At merchants that accept Visa and display this icon new online checkout logo.
  • On Visa’s enrolment page

Select “Remember me for faster checkout”. Going forward, Visa will remember your card details in that browser on that device. The next time you click to pay at any merchant where Visa Click to Pay is accepted, your card will appear in the list at checkout already setup. You’ll simply need to select your enviro Visa card to pay and finish your transaction. No additional passwords are needed once you have setup your card.

Note: This feature is not recommended for shared devices.

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