Estates, wills, and trusts

Estate planning ensures that after death your wishes are honoured, your financial affairs are resolved quickly, and your loved ones lose as little as possible of your estate to taxes.

An estate plan can include writing a will, choosing an executor, arranging other legal representation as needed, and in some cases setting up trusts for a child, a disabled family member, or a charitable organization.

Our Estates & Trusts Department can assist with estate planning. Start by reviewing our Will and Estate Planning Page. Call 604.877.8288 to find out about next steps, or explore the sections below to learn more about putting together an estate plan.

Will and estate planning

Find out why wills and estate plans are an essential part of financial planning, and get tips on how to set up an estate plan that protects your assets and your loved ones.

Choosing an executor

Choosing an executor to administer your estate is a big decision. For greater confidence and peace of mind, consider accessing professional executor and trustee services through Vancity’s partnership with Concentra Trust.

Estate planning documents

Sometimes a will isn’t enough to protect you and your family. Find out which legal documents you may need to include in your estate plan.

Estate administration fees

What can you expect to pay for estate administration services? We help you understand the costs you may incur for such things as executor remuneration and probate fees.

Talk to us

  • Planning Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, etc. -If you have a specific question to ask about estate planning, or you wish to discuss your needs in general, please contact your account manager or wealth specialist at your branch, or contact estate planning at 778.231.2118 or by email:
  • Notifications How to let us know when a member has passed away - Contact your local branch to report the death and make an appointment to bring in the death certificate and will and receive further instructions on how to wind up the deceased member’s accounts. 
  • Settlement of an Estate Resources for completing an estate - Finibus enim. Sed in hendrerit elit. Suspendisse eros ligula, facilisis luctus sodales a, placerat eu nisl.