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The expertise and passion our employees bring to the organization are integral to our success, and our compensation policies reflect the high value we place on their contributions. We strive to be informed and fair in setting base salaries, and provide additional financial rewards to employees who demonstrate excellence and contribute to our success.

Competitive base salaries

  • Salary ranges are set according to current market data and we review the figures annually, so our employees can feel confident they’re being compensated fairly.
  • Employee salaries are reviewed, at a minimum, annually based on employee performance. The performance increase ranges are set based on market recommendations.

Living-wage policy

Vancity is one of the largest organizations in Canada to adopt a living-wage policy, which means we’re committed to exceeding the legal minimum wage significantly and paying every employee — including our external contractors, the income required to meet basic living needs.

Profit Share

In addition, our profit share program allows us to reward employees’ contribution to our success by returning a portion of the profits they helped us realize. The distribution of this profit is based on organizational targets that align with our vision and encourage us to work together as a team to support Vancity’s business goals.