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Different business loans offered by Vancity

At Vancity, we recognize the value and potential of businesses of every size and type. That inclusive approach to funding is reflected in our innovative range of loan products, which are designed to meet the financing needs of local small businesses, large corporations, community organizations, and everything in between.

In addition to competitive interest rates, flexible financing, and professional advice, we offer specialized loans for micro-businesses, startups, not-for-profit organizations, green businesses, and more.

Rely on our team of business banking professionals to help you make the right choices and access the funding you need to achieve your goals.


Business term loans

Fund business projects such as installing new equipment, expanding facilities, or consolidating debts with creative financing solutions and flexible repayment options.

Operating loans

Manage your cash flow and access the funds you need any time. Get a loan as small as $5,000 or borrow $100,000 or more while taking advantage of competitive rates and fees.

Small business and start-up loans

Kick-start your business idea with the support of a creative financing solution. Tailored loans are available for newcomers to Canada, local growers, trade-school graduates and more.

We're investing in local businesses

We're investing time, money, and expertise to strengthen and enrich the community where you do business. See what we're doing to promote mutual success.

Planet Wise Business Solutions

Enjoy favourable terms and reduce the environmental footprint of your business, not-for-profit organization, co-operative, or property-managed strata.

Co-op housing loans

Find finanacing for your co-op's building renewals, redevelopment or renovations through a apartnership with the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC.

Agricultural Business and Farm Loans

Get the right financing and support for all stages of your farming and agricultural business. Whether you’re starting or expanding, we’re here to help you grow.

Retrofit Financing Program

Tailored lending for commercial and rental building upgrades on the pathway to net-zero.