Business USD Operating Line of Credit

Day-to-day borrowing to keep your business running.

Business USD Term Loan

Long-term borrowing to fuel your growth.

Business USD Operating Line of Credit

Day-to-day borrowing in US dollars.

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East Van Roasters provides meaningful employment for women living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

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Features that support your business.

Pay in USD whenever your business needs to

Simplify your operations and ease cash flow by avoiding currency exchange.

Apply once to get access to cash when you need it

With a revolving line of credit, you can respond quickly to business opportunities or cover cyclical costs, like seasonal inventory or payroll shortages. When you pay off your line of credit it automatically renews itself, so the money's available when you need it.

Pay interest only on what you use

You’ll be charged interest only on the amount you use, with no set minimums. Use the money you save to on interest to fund new business growth.

Safeguard your USD chequing account

Use your operating line of credit as overdraft protection on your USD chequing account, so you’re not caught off guard by surprise withdrawals.

Simplify your finances

You’ll have access to your funds through your business banking account and can make payments through your regular deposits.

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Flexible options

Lines of credit start at $5,000 at competitive rates based on the current Vancity Prime rate.± Secure your loan in USD or CAD and enjoy ongoing access up to your credit limit without the need to re-apply.

Optional payment protection

With monthly insurance payments, you can make sure your loan is covered in the event of disability, critical illness, or death.

Expertise and support

As a Vancity member, you’ll gain access to a dedicated business banking team with local knowledge and decision-making ability.

Special options for non-profits.

We offer special packages to meet the unique needs of non-profit organizations. If you operate an arts group, social service provider, social justice organization or faith-based organizations, we can provide lending criteria, guidelines, terms and conditions customized for you.

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