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For women entrepreneurs.

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Tayybeh employs Syrian newcomer women, many of whom are now notable chefs in the city’s culinary scene.


Up to $100,000

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Get funding, plus networking opportunities and advice from experienced mentors.

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Why our startup loans stand out.

Inclusive approval

Women, and anyone who identifies as a woman or non-binary individual can qualify as a startup based on their credit score.

Advice and support

Get ongoing support to develop your skills, manage risk and plan for the future through WeBC’s resource library, business advisors, peer mentorship and a supportive community.

Financial flexibility

Borrow funds as a term loan or line of credit — whatever is best for you — with no application fee or monthly operating fee.

Loan details.


For new businesses


For businesses that have generated revenue for at least 12 months

Loan size Up to $20,000 Up to $100,000¹
Loan type Line of credit Term loan
Interest charged Vancity Prime± plus 3%³ Vancity Prime± plus 1.5%⁴
Repayment period 5 years 5 years

A term loan is repaid over a specific period of time by making payments on both the principal and interest. A line of credit (also known as an operating loan) requires the loan-holder to repay only the interest on the outstanding loan balance each month. A line of credit is limited to a maximum of 25% of the total approved amount. Administrative fees are waived under the startup loan program for all term loans and for the first year on your line of credit.

Get inspired.

How will you use your startup loan? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Working capital
  • New production and services
  • Business expenses
  • New tools or equipment
  • Leased office space
  • Research and development that leads to commercialization
  • Pre-commercial and commercial product development
  • Market development


You plan to operate the business in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley Regional District, Greater Victoria, or the Sea-to-Sky Corridor

You or another individual agree to sign a personal guarantee. Your guarantor must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.

You meet one of the following criteria:

  • At least one business owner is enrolled in or recently graduated from a self-employment or pre-entrepreneurial training program
  • Your business plan has been reviewed by a coach, mentor or a third-party business advisor like Small Business BC
  • You have one or two years of sales history

Let’s get to know your business.

We want your business to be successful and have a positive impact on our community. If this loan sounds right for you, we’ll work with you to understand your business potential and explore financial solutions to meet your needs.


Start with a plan.

A business plan helps us understand your goals and how you’ll achieve them. To get started, read our Start Smart guide. You’ll also need to prepare other documents in our checklist.


Tell us about your business.

Fill out our application form so we can get to know key details about your business.


Meet with us.

We’ll book an appointment with you to talk through the details, answer your questions and gather any additional information we may need.


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