Online Business Plus

Online Business Plus provides you with a customizable system which can be designed to ensure you meet the highest standards of accountability, control, reporting and transparency.

Online Business Plus offers features for business and not-for-profit members with sophisticated banking needs:

  • Consolidated view - Review and manage multiple business accounts and all your transactions with one sign-in.
  • Multiple user access - Grant access and permission to team members for specific accounts and tasks, even if they are not account signers.
  • Wire transfers - Move money easily to vendors and clients either overseas or just around the corner.
  • Customized templates - Reduce administration time by streamlining repetitive tasks, such as automated transfers and wire payments.
  • Data transfer - Easily download and transfer account data to your accounting software.
  • Enhanced security - With individual passwords for each user and biometric login security for wire transfers, your privacy is secure.
  • Other features - Enjoy cheque imaging, bill payments, transfers between all your business accounts, stop payments and more.

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Just another reason to expect better at Vancity.

*For members who also use wire transfers, regular wire transfer costs still apply.