Vancity provides a range of financing options for social enterprises and social ventures, whether you are structured as a not-for-profit, co-operative or for-profit mission-based business.

Small business and start-up loans (microfinance)

Business banking
At Vancity we see beyond numbers and past the bottom line by adding vision, purpose and impact into our calculations. Here are some day-to-day banking services to suit your needs.

Growth capital
Vancity provides growth capital to profitable high-impact BC based businesses, social enterprises, social ventures, and not-for-profit organizations. We have developed alternate forms of business financing - lending and equity investments designed to drive social and environmental impact to help communities thrive.

Resilient Capital Program
The Resilient Capital Program is a unique, high-impact investment program with up to $15 million available for qualifying social enterprises or social ventures like yours, to help build resilient communities. We provide equity capital and loans with flexible repayment terms ensuring Vancity can finally fill a gap between grants, which often help you get your concept off the ground and conventional debt, which helps you sustain growth.


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