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Vancity Cooperative financing

Vancity provides a range of financing options and other banking supports and services for co-operatives, whether you are structured as a not-for-profit or for-profit mission-based business.

Small business and start-up loans

Be My Own Boss loan : This microloan program provides small business loans to new entrepreneurs.

ABLED : This initiative encourages self-employment among entrepreneurs with disabilities through business loans, training, and advice.

Small Growers fund : This fund is designed to help farm businesses get off the ground, with loans up to $75,000 at a competitive rate.

By Design loan : This loan is designed to help your creative enterprise get off the ground, with loans up to $75,000 at a competitive rate.

Business banking

At Vancity we see beyond numbers and past the bottom line by adding vision, purpose and impact into our calculations. Here are some day-to-day banking services to suit your needs.

Growth capital

Vancity provides growth capital to profitable, high-impact BC-based businesses, social enterprises, social ventures, and not-for-profit organizations.

Through alternative forms of business financing, lending, and equity investments, we help co-operatives drive social and environmental impact to help communities thrive.

The Resilient Capital Program is a unique, high-impact investment program with up to $15 million available for qualifying social enterprises and co-operatives like yours. We provide equity capital and loans with flexible repayment terms that can help you access the funds you need to grow, even if your enterprise lacks physical assets or your initiative doesn’t have the profit potential required for conventional financing.

The Co-operative Capital Fund is a specialized business lending and investment program to make debt investments in co-operatives that face barriers to accessing credit. To be eligible to access debt through the Co-operative Capital Fund, co-ops must: 1) demonstrate the social and economic impact of the co-op’s activities; 2) not qualify for conventional debt or microfinance products due to limited operating history, lack of collateral, are not yet financially viable, or are facing higher perceived risks.