PaymentStream™ Automated Funds Transfer (AFT)

Electronic funds transfers.

What it is

A self-serve platform to process and settle pre-authorized debits and credits.

Great if

You send more than 10 recurring transactions electronically.

With PaymentStream AFT, you can:

Process transactions

Set up your transactions once, and you won’t need to re-enter the data again. You can process AFT debits for donations, strata fees, membership dues and more, or send same-day AFT credits for payroll and payments to vendors.

Minimize your risk

Safely send and receive money with two-step verification and optional dual authorization. You’ll also get real-time file validation during file upload and release process.

Choose how you want to work

You can process your transactions in the PaymentStream AFT web-based application or use your accounting software to create a file to upload to Central 1 in the CPA Standard 005 format.

You’ll also get these features:

Ability to release transactions up to 14 calendars days in advance for data entry and 45 days for file upload.

Increased record retention and the ability to download most reports in CSV and PDF formats.

Ability to send either Canadian or US dollar transactions, as long as your recipient’s account is held at a Canadian financial institution.

File upload and manual release email confirmations sent only when a file is validated successfully. You’ll still receive email confirmation for automatic release if a transmission is rejected.

Added risk controls with optional dual authorization, where one user submits and another user approves before the file is released.

The fine print.

Fees Setup, release and transaction fees apply

Ideal candidates will be Vancity business members in good standing. When applying, you may be asked to share the following:

  • Credit score
  • Business history
  • Ability to cover chargebacks and overdrafts
  • Intent to use EFT
  • Other supporting information as required

Learn how to use PaymentStream AFT.

Already using PaymentStream AFT? Browse our guides and training videos for step-by-step instructions on how to upload your files, release data and more.

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