Vancouver, BC

We’re making change with Joleen Mitton.

Joleen Mitton is a prominent Indigenous leader, activist, and fashion entrepreneur. She is the founder and creative director of Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week (VIFW), which has become one of the most successful Indigenous fashion events in the world. She is committed to creating a more inclusive and connected community, which includes empowering and uplifting young Indigenous women.

“I love banking with Vancity because of their commitment to social and environmental justice and their support of Indigenous communities.”

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Join the movement.

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As a member of Vancity, you get a share of profits, access to flexible accounts and products, free financial planning, and much more. And, as an owner, you get a vote in where your money goes.

30% of profits returned.

Every year, we share 30% of our net profits with our communities toward co-operative principles and practices, social justice, financial inclusion, and environmental sustainability.

Your money, but better.

When you’re not using it, your money supports financial inclusion, affordable housing creation, indigenous law researchers, and other causes in pursuit of a clean and fair world.

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