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Vancity Mobile Deposit™ for business

Wherever you are, you can deposit a cheque in less than a minute with Vancity Mobile Deposit without going to a branch or ATM.

With Vancity Mobile Deposit you can:

  • Conveniently deposit cheques using the Vancity mobile app.
  • Deposit Canadian dollar cheques, including credit union official cheques and certified cheques into your Personal or Business accounts.
  • Choose to deposit into your Canadian dollar Vancity chequing or savings account
  • See your deposit appear in your chosen account in real time*
  • Enjoy the same level of security as online banking.

How it works

To successfully deposit your cheque:
1. Tap the DEPOSIT icon in the app
2. Select an account to deposit
3. Photograph the cheque on both sides
4. Confirm the deposit details

Once you tap confirm, the cheque is immediately submitted for processing and the funds will appear in your account*.

Getting started

To use Vancity Mobile Deposit, you need to:

Things to remember

Before you photograph your cheque:

  • On the back, write “For deposit only to [your 12 digital Financial Account number].” Then add your signature.
  • Ensure the cheque is in a well lit area that is shadow-free, in focus, and centred in the frame. Remember to take a photo of the front and back.

After you deposit the cheque:

  • Write "Deposited" on the front of the cheque and keep it on file for a verification period of at least 45 days. You must destroy the cheque within 120 days after the initial deposit.
  • Check your statements to ensure the deposit was made correctly. If you see any errors or omissions, please bring the original cheque to the nearest Vancity branch.

Did you know?

With a Business Jumpstart High Interest Savings Account, all deposits are free, whether you use Vancity Mobile Deposit, an ATM, or a Vancity community branch. Plus, you can earn our best posted daily savings interest rate on your account balance1 while helping newcomers to Canada become self reliant. Learn more about Business Jumpstart.

Service charges

While downloading the Vancity mobile app is free, each cheque deposited to a business account using Vancity Mobile Deposit is counted as one transaction. Transaction fees may apply, depending on the type of business account deposited into. For more information on service charges, please see the Business Service Charge Bulletin.

In addition to any fees associated with your Vancity account, your mobile carrier may charge you for using browser-related services on your mobile device.

Cheque hold

Cheque hold policy

Holds may apply when you deposit cheques using Vancity Mobile Deposit or at an ATM. When a cheque is held, some or all of the deposited funds are not available to you for a certain number of days. Learn about cheque holds and cheque clearing or, to find out about the hold policy on your account, contact us.

If you want to cash a government cheque right away, take it into any Vancity branch where we can verify the cheque and cash it for you immediately.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Vancity Mobile Deposit is subject to the terms and conditions found in the Business Member Agreement.


*Access to deposited funds is subject to cheque holds. In addition to being subject to holds, in some cases cheques may be rejected if they do no meet the requirements laid out in our agreements.

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1 Interest is calculated on the closing daily balance in an account and paid monthly. Interest rate is per annum, simple interest (interest is calculated only on the original principal and not on the sum of the principal plus accrued interest). Interest earned in the currency of the account. See or in-branch for more information.