Business Jumpstart High Interest Savings Account

Get our best posted daily savings interest rate on your account balance1 while helping newcomers to Canada build a brighter future.

We give a portion of the revenue from every Jumpstart® account to not-for-profit organizations that help newcomers to Canada become self-reliant. Revenues support our community partners to offer settlement services such as housing, language training, employment training, financial literacy, and microloans.

Jumpstart® helps you reach your financial goals sooner while supporting the people in our communities with financial tools to build a strong and vibrant economy.

Business Jumpstart™ High Interest Savings Account can be used on its own, or with any Vancity business account packages2. It’s a good option if you’re looking for an account that:

  • makes it easy to manage cash flow when you do online or mobile banking
  • earns our best posted daily savings interest rate on your funds
  • lets you put aside funds to operate and grow your business or organization knowing you can access those funds any time.

Account features

  • No monthly account fees
  • No deposit fees
  • Free unlimited Everyday Vancity Online, Mobile, iPhone App, and Automated Phone Banking Transactions7
  • Our best posted daily savings interest rate1 with no minimum balance requirement
  • Unlimited deposit protection – deposits 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

Talk to a Vancity business banking professional at a Vancity branch near you to find out if Business Jumpstart™ High Interest Savings Account is the right account for your business or organization.

Everyday Vancity Transaction Fees (charged at time of transaction), as of September 27, 2012

Monthly fee None
Deposit fee None

Everyday Vancity In-Person Transactions4

  • Account withdrawals
  • Bill payments
  • Transfers to/from/between Vancity accounts

Everyday Vancity Debit Card Transactions5

  • ATM debit card withdrawals
  • Debit card purchases

Everyday Vancity Debit Card Transactions5

  • ATM transfers to/from/between Vancity accounts
Everyday Vancity Preauthorized Payment Transactions6 $5/transaction

Everyday Vancity Online, Mobile, and Automated Phone Banking Transactions7

  • Bill payments
  • Transfers to/from/between Vancity accounts

Miscellaneous service fees (charged at time of transaction per transaction)

Network ATM fees (plus transaction fee)



INTERAC® Network ATMs in Canada $1.25
US Exchange®/ACCEL®/Cirrus in the US $2
International Cirrus®/PLUS® $3

Sending money to others

Official cheque (CDN) (plus $8 for non Vancity members) $6
US funds draft $6 CDN
Foreign draft (other currency) $7.75 CDN
Foreign draft stop payment $25
Photocopy of foreign draft $10
Travellers cheques: regular AMEX or AMEX cheques for two 1% of value (up to $5)

INTERAC® e-Transfers (sending money)
  • Transfers less than, or equal to, $50: fee to member is $0.75.
  • Transfers of more than $50 and up to and including $1,000.00: fee to member is $1.50.
  • Transfers of $1,000.01 up to and including $3,000: fee to member is $2.50.

Wire transfers

Incoming (receipt of) wire $5
In-branch outgoing wire CDN$ to CDN financial institutions $10 CDN
In-branch outgoing wire outside of Canada (all currencies) $20 CDN
Online Business Plus outgoing wires (CDN$ and US$ only) starting at $8.25
Non Vancity member wire purchase additional charge $25


Overdrawn fee $5
Deposited items returned unpaid (chargeback) $5
Post-dated cheques held for deposit $3
Stop payment $10 in-branch, $5 online
System-generated auto transfers (e.g. loan payment) within Vancity $5
Other setup/change of regular payment/transfer(standing orders) $1.50
Automatic coverdraft transfer to cover an overdrawn Vancity chequing account within the same account number $5
Account closed within 90 days of opening $15
Account transferred outside Vancity $15
Dormant account $20/yr
Bank confirmation $20
Duplicate or interim statement $5
Looking up entries $2/item or $30/hr (min $15)
Items on collection: incoming/outgoing $15
Certified true copy $2

Night deposit

Annual administration fee $40/year
Replace key (lost or damaged) at cost

Safety deposit box

Depending on size and availability $36.75 - $203.07 including taxes.
Non-profit organizations receive a $5 annual discount on safety deposit box rentals


1 Interest is calculated on the closing daily balance in an account and paid monthly. Interest rate is per annum, simple interest (interest is calculated only on the original principal and not on the sum of the principal plus accrued interest). Interest earned in the currency of the account. See or in-branch for more information.

2 See or in-branch for the comprehensive selection of Vancity business account packages.

3 Everyday Vancity Transactions are all of these:
4Everyday Vancity In-Person Transactions are account withdrawals, bill payments, transfers to, from or between Vancity accounts conducted by a Vancity representative either person-to-person in-branch, over the phone, or resulting from a member’s instruction received through other channels such as by fax.
5Everyday Vancity Debit Card Transactions are ATM withdrawals, and transfers from and between Vancity accounts by debit card and debit card purchases.
6Everyday Vancity Preauthorized Payment Transactions are preauthorized payments from Vancity accounts.
7Everyday Vancity Online, Mobile and Automated Phone Banking Transactions are bill payments, transfers from and between Vancity accounts made online using a computer, mobile phone, mobile device or using our automated phone banking service.

Additional Vancity and/or third-party fees may apply, and in certain circumstances, may include fees for:
a) ATM network fees if you use any Canadian ATM that is not an EXCHANGE® or ACCULINK® ATM;
b) ATM network fees if you use a US/international ATM;
c) INTERAC® e-Transfers that are subject to a fee; and/or
d) Fees for additional services that you choose from Vancity.

You may also be charged third-party fees including:
a) A surcharge by the ATM operator or associated network for ATM transactions;
b) Merchant fees when you use your debit card to pay for purchases; and/or
c) Fees charged by your mobile phone service provider. Please request details from your service provider.
Fees are subject to change.

Jumpstart™, Vancity™, Good Money™, and Make Good Money™ are registered trademarks of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union.
®Trademark of Interac Inc. used under license.

iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries. Apple Inc. is not a sponsor or participant of Mobile Banking for Vancouver City Savings Credit Union.