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Welcome to Vancity.

We’re so glad to have you as a member. Let’s walk through some of the key features and safety recommendations associated with your chequing account, MEMBER CARD® debit card, and any other accounts you may open in future.    

If you have questions or need further assistance, please call us at 604-877-7000 or (toll-free) at 1-888-826-2489 or visit us at your nearest Vancity branch.  

About Vancity.

We’re a values-based credit union built on principles of social justice and inclusion, so when the federal and BC governments reached out asking us to develop a provision strategy for those coming from Ukraine, we were here to answer the call.

Because together with our 500,000+ members, we’re continuously creating tailored services to support the banking needs of newcomers, refugees, and displaced people.

And for the past 20 years, we’ve been recognizing and creating opportunities to support the financial wellbeing of newcomers to Canada, in part due to our longstanding relationship with United Way.

In 2015, we launched the Vancity Humanitarian Fund in response to the Syrian refugee crisis and to support the Canadian government in welcoming more people to our communities. Most recently, $50,000 were donated towards Ukrainian Aid.

As a member of our credit union, you’re an owner of Vancity.

Members get a share of profits, enjoy access to flexible accounts and products, benefit from free financial planning and advice, and much more.  

Your chequing account features. 

Just by opening an account with us, you have access to: 

  • Free and unlimited outgoing wires (electronically transferred money)*  
  • enviro™ Visa** credit card ($1000 credit limit)
  • Best member rate for EUR and USD cash exchange and purchase***
  • 40 Free Everyday Transactions1 per month 
  • Free INTERAC e-Transfer® transactions
  • Free cheque orders of 50 Vancity personalized cheques 
  • Free official cheques (also known as bank drafts or money orders) 
  • Free US dollar drafts 
  • $5 off safe deposit box charges
  • A MEMBER CARD® debit card (otherwise known as an ATM card) 
  • No surcharge or network fees at ATMs displaying THE EXCHANGE® or ACCULINK® logos in Canada, and abroad, ATMs displaying the ACCEL® and Cirrus® logos are also usable with a fee2
    AccuLink Logo The_Exchange_logo
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Using your chequing account. 

You can use your chequing account to: 

Send and receive funds

  • Deposit cheques and cash 
  • Write cheques 
  • Use automated teller machines (ATMs) 
  • Receive funds through direct deposit 
  • Automatically pay bills 
  • Make purchases using your debit card 

Access other services

  • Loans and mortgages 
  • Safe deposit boxes (secure boxes where you can place valuables for safekeeping) 
  • enviro Visa credit card services 
  • Wire transfers 

Using your MEMBER CARD debit card.  

 As a member, you will receive a MEMBER CARD debit card — otherwise known as an ATM card. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you prevent fraud and manage your card.  

For your safety

  • Always cover the PIN pad when you enter your PIN at an ATM or point of sale. 
  • Never let your MEMBERCARD debit card out of your sight while making a transaction.  
  • Never share your PIN number with anyone.  
  • Always keep your personal information updated, including your address.
  • If you lose your MEMBERCARD debit card or cheques, please call us right away​. 
  • Always carry your ID when visiting a branch for banking transactions​. 
  • Try to memorize all passwords for your account, online banking, and MEMBER CARD debit card​.

At an ATM

  • You’ll need to enter a 4-digit PIN whenever you visit an ATM
  • Your daily limit is $100 for ATM cash withdrawals. 
  • Deposits made at the ATM using your MEMBER CARD debit card will be held for 7 days before the funds become accessible. 
  • To avoid fees charged by other financial institutions, be sure to use a Vancity, credit union, or anyother ATM displaying THE EXCHANGE® and ACCULINK logos.

At the store

  • The first time you use your MEMBER CARD debit card, you’ll need to enter your 4-digit PIN and activate the “tap” option. From there, you can use the “tap” option to pay for purchases without entering your PIN. 
  • Your daily limit is $100 for point-of-sale purchases.  

Using a credit card in Canada. 

Whether you choose a Vancity enviro Visa credit card or another option from a different financial institution, the following tips might be helpful. 

  • Spend within your limit
    Always keep part of your credit available for emergencies.
  • Try paying off your balance by the due date mentioned on your credit card statement
    The longer you wait to pay off your full balance, the more interest you’ll have to pay.
  • Avoid missing the minimum monthly payments
    Missing one or two monthly payments before paying off the balance in full months later will have a negative impact on your credit rating.  
  • Make more than the minimum payment
    This will help you pay off your balance more quickly and avoid paying more interest. 
  • Prioritize your MEMBER CARD debit card when taking out cash at an ATM
    If you decide to use your credit card at an ATM, you'll pay interest from the date you get a cash advance until you pay it back in full. 

Accessing our Microfinance Loans.

When you are ready to start working or if you want to open a business, our Microfinance team, Small Business Advisors and Foreign Credential Program partners are here to support you on your journey.

These loan programs look at your skills, education, experience and the network and community that surround you to make the decision. To learn more visit or email us your questions at

Preventing fraud. 

Fraud (or scams) occurs when someone seeks out your personal information to make money at your expense. It’s important to be aware of the most common types of fraud and what you can do to protect yourself.  

Some of the most common types of fraud occur by phone, text message, or email. In order to protect yourself: 


  • Emails or phone calls from Vancity will never ask for your personal information, as we already have it. 
  • Never share your multi-factor authentication one-time password with anyone. Vancity staff will never ask for it. 
  • Protect all your personal documents, including bank and credit card statements.  
  • Use anti-virus and malware protection.  
  • Immediately report missing bank or credit card statements.  
  • Keep your Personal Identification Number and personal codes secure. 

Be careful of: 

  • Incoming phone calls, text messages, or emails that include unsolicited investment opportunities, advice on investing, a request for payment, or a general sense of urgency. 
  • Incoming phone calls or text messages claiming to be an employee of the Canada Revenue Agency or Service Canada, asking for personal information or demanding immediate payment for an amount owing.
  • Emails or text messages that include suspicious text, links, or pop-ups. 
  • Incoming phone calls, text messages, or emails that attempt to disguise themselves as a legitimate organization. Many will do this by spelling the organization’s name incorrectly or attempting to copy a legitimate logo. 

For additional support related to fraud and scams, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501. 

Ways to manage your money.  

Talk to a pro

By phone at 604-877-7000 or toll-free at 1-888-826-2489 

In-person at a branch

You’re welcome at any of our 55+ branches across BC. Explore the map below or visit our website to find a branch near you.

Find a branch

Thank you for becoming a member.

Vancity is a financial institution that focuses on putting people first. For over 75 years, we’ve offered financial products and expert advice that help with current and future challenges. As Canada’s largest credit union, we lead with our values to help with real-life needs, including yours. Welcome to Vancity: we’re here for you.  

For further assistance, please contact your Account Manager or call us at 604-877-7000 or (toll-free) at 1-888-826-2489. 

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