Microloans for green business

We can provide a business loan based on your entrepreneurial drive, the strength of your idea and the potential of your business plan, instead of just your credit history and collateral. Our highly successful program has assisted hundreds of BC entrepreneurs with millions of dollars in small business financing.

Our commitment

We're committed to helping start-up entrepreneurs developing green businesses or working on green technologies to be launched. We offer microloans at a preferred rate of prime +3%. You may also be eligible for a higher loan cap. All other microloan criteria apply.

Who is the microloan for?

If you are a small-business owner, our loan will help you establish your organization and prepare it for conventional lending. If you're a start-up social enterprise, this loan will work for you, too.

Features of the microloan

The loan helps you address common barriers to credit, such as the absence of a financial track record or insufficient personal equity or collateral. This support is critical during the first five years of a new business and it helps build a financial history, develop assets and establish a credit record.

We offer a stepped series of loans tailored to fit a wide range of needs. From start-up loans or lines of credit up to $35,000, to expansion loans or lines of credit up to $70,000.


Get in touch

For more information, contact your Vancity business account manager, visit your local branch, or email us directly microfinance@vancity.com.