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Business Prime accounts

Our Prime accounts are for businesses and organizations that maintain consolidated account balances of $1,000,000.00 and over. Prime Accounts offer customized interest and flat fee arrangements based on member’s balances and transactional activity. Interest is calculated on the daily, closing, credit balance at the rate assigned to the highest tier achieved, and credited on the last day of the month.

Features and benefits

  • Prime-based interest earned, with rate based on average balances and transactions across all your business accounts
  • Flat monthly account fee covering all accounts using discounted transaction rates
  • Monthly Prime Account Statement showing consolidated balances, interest paid to each account, and interest rate tiers
  • Deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

To determine if your business/organization qualifies for a Prime account, please contact your account manager or local Vancity branch.