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Ordinary and Special Resolutions

In keeping with Vancity’s democratic principles, members may forward suggestions or requests to the Board of Directors at any time. On occasion, however, members may wish to put their proposals to a vote by the general membership, and there are two ways in which this can be done: by ordinary or special resolution.

An ordinary resolution is for simple, non-complex day-to-day business matters. In order for the resolution to be approved, the majority of members must support it. This type of resolution is voted on at the AGM.

A proposal for an ordinary resolution must be delivered in writing to Vancity 90 days before the AGM.

A special resolution is for more complex business matters, such as a change to the Vancity Rules. Special resolutions appear on the election ballot, to be voted on when members vote for their choice of candidates. In order for the resolution to be approved, two-thirds of the members who voted must support it.

A special resolution may be brought forward by either the Board of Directors or by members. If the latter, a minimum of 300 members must have signed a proposal that clearly sets out the reason for the resolution and deliver this to Vancity by October 31 of the year prior to the election. All special resolutions are reported to the Financial Institutions Commission of British Columbia, the regulator for credit unions in this province.