There are certain words that get thrown around a little too easily in business today. As if merely uttering them in some touchy-feely sentiment automatically gives an organization a free pass on the road to good corporate citizenship. One such word, for example?


While we are big – make that huge – proponents of touting our own passion for community, what’s more important is communicating our sincerity behind it. Put simply, to us, community isn’t a word. It’s a philosophy.

And that’s why we so vehemently stand behind the Vancity Group’s Statement of Values and Commitments. Adopted in 2000, the statement serves as a touchstone for our communal commitment to integrity, innovation, responsibility, and – above all – community. In fact, our inspiration for being comes down to one succinct raison d'être:

"To enhance and strengthen our communities."

It’s this mandate that serves as the impetus to our focus on youth, including programs like our bursaries, community partnership program, and sponsorships.

See? Community is not a word we take a lightly. But rather, a philosophy we take to heart.