At Squamish Savings, we’re redefining wealth for our members and our communities. We call it Good Money™.

For us, Good Money™ means measuring our success in terms of how well we’re contributing to the financial, social and environmental well-being of our members and all the communities where they live and work. As a financial co-operative, we believe that we can only truly prosper as individuals if we are connected to a healthy, sustainable community.

Read on to find out if Squamish Savings might make a good partner for your special or annual event.

Sponsorship eligibility

We welcome every opportunity to work with local not-for-profit organizations or First Nation governments that align with our values and are focused on the following three areas where we feel we can make the most impact in creating healthy communities:

  • Co-operative principles and practices: Good Money™ invests for positive change in the community.
  • Social justice and financial inclusion: Good Money™ strengthens community by helping people build their wealth.
  • Environmental sustainability: Good Money™ creates a sustainable place to live.

The specific areas of impact that will be eligible for sponsorship consideration include:

  • Aboriginal communities

    Organizations or events representing and involving urban aboriginal people, local First Nations, and the Métis community that support community development and independence.
  • Affordable housing

    Organizations or events providing or supporting affordable rental housing, co-op housing, and affordable home ownership.
  • Co-operatives

    Organizations or events that promote co-operative principles and practices, create employment or training opportunities in co-operative business models, and/or support a social or environmental mission.
  • Energy and environment

    Organizations or events that encourage or contribute to positive environmental benefits in our community. They may help support or advance eco-efficiency, sustainable natural resource management, natural habitats, alternative transportation, clean technology, or green business and services.
  • Financial literacy

    Organizations or events that contribute to expanding individuals’ financial knowledge and independence.
  • Labour unions and affiliate organizations

    Organizations or events representing labour-supported initiatives that promote and support the following: economic development through the creation or provision of jobs and/or training; skills building; improving employee workplace wellness.
  • Local, natural and organic food

    Organizations or events that promote local, natural, and organic food, contribute to a healthier environment, improve individual health, or build a more resilient economy.
  • Microfinance

    Organizations or events supporting initiatives that help individuals or groups to build economic self-reliance and resilience by launching a new business or getting back to work in a chosen field.

Additional considerations include:

Squamish Savings’ Ethical Principles for Business Relationships

Squamish Savings is a financial co-operative that seeks to work with organizations that support the values of

  • accountable and sustainable business leadership that engages in cooperative principles and practices
  • economic and social inclusion for all people
  • strong and resilient communities
  • environmental and sustainability leadership

By working together, there will be many more opportunities for both of our organizations to make a positive impact on our community.

Lead time

We request a minimum of eight to ten weeks lead time to appropriately leverage and communicate our partnership

Length of partnership

We are often approached to support organizations for a one-year term, but if you're a good fit, we ask you to consider a two- to three-year partnership. Ultimately, it helps us both build momentum.

Partner profile

When possible, we favour partnerships that allow us to "illuminate our network" by inviting and showcasing Squamish Savings’ social enterprise and not-for-profit partners.

Continuing events

We prefer longer-term partnerships with multiple touch points (i.e. a series or season).

Areas we do not support

Sorry, we do not sponsor health care-, tobacco-, gaming-, or alcohol-related organizations. We also do not sponsor individuals.

Category exclusivity

We prefer category exclusivity (i.e. no other credit union or bank), but will review on a case-by-case basis.

For more information

Please send sponsorship requests and inquiries to sponsorship@vancity.com. Your application should include a detailed budget and list of sponsors.


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