ID Theft

Identity theft (sometimes also known as identity fraud) is a form of stealing another person's personal information, and then assuming that person's identity to access resources or obtain credit and other benefits in the victim’s name.

Just as someone can steal your personal identity, your business's identity can be stolen. Once stolen, thieves can use your business name and financial information to open a bank account and run up expenses. Identity thieves can use your good name for all sorts of problematic activities, so it’s critical that you take the necessary steps to protect your personal information.

What we do to protect you

Vancity has implemented a number of privacy practices and procedures to prevent unauthorized access, use or manipulation of your personal information, including:

  • requiring all employees sign a confidentiality agreement
  • implementing electronic security measures such as passwords, pass codes and, where necessary, encryption
  • limiting physical access to confidential areas in our buildings
  • requiring contractual agreements with our business partners that ensure confidentiality and
  • automatic logoff of online banking after an extended period of inactivity.

Our online banking Personal Access features also help protect you by asking you to verify your identity so we can prevent criminals from using your identity or your personal financial information. The features also help ensure that you log in to our secure website and not a fake site.

For more information on how Vancity protects your privacy and personal information, visit the Your Privacy section of our website.

Prevention Tips:

  • Report first! – Always report lost/stolen wallets right away to your financial institution, local police and credit bureaus.
  • Only provide your personal information to organizations that you know and trust
  • Shred unwanted personal documents such as transaction records, credit applications, insurance forms, cheques, financial statements and tax returns.
  • Check your Vancity and credit card account statements regularly for suspicious or unrecognizable transactions. If you notice anything suspicious, report the transactions immediately to Vancity or your credit card company.
  • Check your credit report every year. Services include: Equifax Canada (1.877.227.8800) or TransUnion Canada (1.877.525.3823).
  • Report email account requests. If you receive an email requesting your Vancity account information, do not provide any information or respond to the email. We never request personal account information by email. Guard your personal information carefully and report any email requests
  • Use reputable payment services when making online purchases. Look for a URL starting with 'https' and a closed padlock symbol.
  • Avoid giving out any personal information on Social Media. Scammers can sometimes use your public photos to impersonate you.
  • Shield your PIN when using your Membercard at Chip and Pin machines.

If you think somebody is trying to illegally obtain your personal or financial information or think you have been a victim of identity theft, contact our Member Services Centre at 604.877.7000 or toll free at 1.888.Vancity (826.2489) or your branch immediately.

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