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Payroll services

Getting payroll off your desk quicker is one way we can help you get back to what you do best – running your business. We’ve reviewed and recommend three payroll service providers using criteria built on our values-based banking model.

Advantages to using payroll service providers

  • Never be late with government remittances like CCRA, WCB, CSB payments
  • Always be compliant with current and future government payroll regulations
  • Retain staff by ensuring salaries are paid accurately and on time
  • Know employee data is secure
  • Focus on growing the business, not administration and regulations
  • Receive preferred rates as a Vancity member

Three payroll service providers recommended by Vancity

These payroll service providers have been reviewed using criteria built on our values-based banking model: Payworks, Rise, and Desjardins.

In addition to committing to robust client service, these providers have also agreed to offer member-preferred pricing on their payroll services.

This table provides a high-level indication of what each payroll service provider offers.

Payworks Rise Desjardins
Number of users Flexible with multi-user access with role based security. Unlimited users, including customizable role-based permission levels. Flexible system security allows for multiple users with different levels of access to employees or payroll functionalities.
Example of ease of use
  • All modules share a common database.
  • Easily make individual employee payroll run changes, as all pay information is on one screen.
  • The Pay Grid includes import and export capabilities with Excel, as well as a familiar format that functions like Excel.
  • View payroll reports through a complete Payroll Preview before processing.
  • Year-end processing tools include interactive year-end checklist, helpful videos etc.
  • Tailor unique payroll rules and policies for every department and location.
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues using multi-level approvals.
  • Get unlimited reporting with standard or custom reports.
  • Preview payroll anytime and pay employees through Rise.
  • Remit any number of T4s directly to the CRA.
  • Create your own milestone-based pay (eg: commissions, bonuses, RRSP matches)
  • Export your data into .CSV format.
  • Get warnings on potential errors.
  • Setup maximum values so you never over-contribute to employee cost-sharing programs.
1) EmployerD Telephone takes a few minutes per pay period talking live with a payroll expert who takes down employee data, hours to be paid and answers any questions. This service requires no prior knowledge of payroll.

2) EmployerD Web is an online application suitable for clients who want more autonomy or need more robust payroll functionalities.
Preferred rates include Discounted Loyalty Program rates offered to Members. Receive an additional 10% discount on services when Payworks’ paperless Go Green option is selected. Payroll fees waived when you purchase group benefits through Rise or switch your existing benefits advisor to Rise. 100% rebate on all company setup and employee integration charges.
Integration with operating systems Cloud-based, log-in online 24/7 from anywhere with internet connection. No software to install or support. Cloud-based. Log in with any web browser on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile. Web system is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linus, and mobile environments.
Onboarding, activation support and initial training includes Implementation Specialists provide conversion, onboarding, and training support to make certain transition is efficient. Clients receive a customized implementation plan and technical support for system integration.

Unlimited and ongoing support at no added cost. A dedicated CSR is provided for a highly personalized service experience.
A personal onboarding specialist gets clients up and running quickly, including a full training program. A dedicated Vancouver-based payroll support team is accessible during working hours by phone, email, or chat, plus clients get full access to Rise’s online Support Centre for quick answers to questions. Needs analysis, company setup, import of current year-to-dates of active and inactive employees, training for two users, live accompaniment during the first payroll run. Larger organizations or those with specific needs will have a more personalized implementation cycle. Ongoing customer support is unlimited and free of charge, as are all system updates.
Insurance coverage Yes Yes Yes
Business owners have access to their data at any point Yes
Note there are occasional downtimes for scheduled and preannounced maintenance. Clients are notified in advance, and outages are scheduled for evenings/weekends and are brief in nature.
Accuracy 99.9? Yes Yes Yes
Optional add-on modules offered Yes All functionality is included Yes
Group RRSP and retirement savings plans contributions Yes Yes Yes
How statements can be provided Delivered self-sealed statements, and/or employee access through a secure online portal within the Payworks application. Secured electronic emails with password protection. Access to Rise Payroll online system. Option for printed sealed statements via mail delivery. Stuffed envelopes or emailed electronically through encryption to any mobile device, including mobile phones.
Reports provided Yes, choose from an extensive list of standard reports or create your own custom reports. Quickly run reports at any time.
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Sales Manager
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Information is provided by the organizations concerned. Vancity provides these recommendations solely as a convenience to its members. Vancity is not responsible or liable for your use of any of the payroll service providers’ software, products, or services. If you decide to contract with any of these payroll service providers, you do so entirely at your own risk.


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Kiran Nagra
Sales Manager
T 604.460.2862 x104
M 604.512.9040
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