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New tools for Aboriginal Financial Literacy education

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Vancity operates within the traditional territory of the Coast Salish people. We work in partnership with local First Nations, the Metis community, and Aboriginal not-for-profit organizations to support community development and independence. Find out more.

VANCOUVER (November 24, 2011) — The Aboriginal Financial Literacy Committee, a group of partners who work directly with Aboriginal youth and adults, is pleased to launch a series of tools aimed at improving the landscape of available culturally sensitive financial literacy tools to Aboriginal clients, said Mike Mearns, General Manager, Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of BC.

"We're pleased that this important Aboriginal Financial Literacy Project has reached this milestone," said Mearns. "We believe that the resources we are producing will help to engage and inform Aboriginal and First Nations populations about the importance of financial life skills, and that these resources will do the job in a very entertaining and accessible way," said Mearns.

The project is funded by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Vancouver City Savings Credit Union (Vancity) and the Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia and service provision is being provided through the Aboriginal Financial Officers of BC and the First Nations Technology Council.

"The major tools being created as part of this project include a handbook entitled First Nations Financial Fitness and an Aboriginal Financial literacy website, both of which are targeted at engaging Aboriginal clients in ways that are meaningful to them," explained Mearns. "The great group of organizations behind this initiative is very excited that today, we can present the public with financial literacy tools that will help, for example, Aboriginal youth be better prepared when they reach the age of 19."

The Ministry of Children and Family Development, Urban Native Youth Association and Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society are providing additional partnership support for the project.

This group of private and public partners are committed to working together towards their common vision and goal of having a comprehensive, coordinated and holistic approach to improving children, youth and adults levels of financial literacy. In addition to the handbook, other financial literacy tools will be completed by March 31, 2012.

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Article courtesy of Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of BC.