Meet Dave Perri.

Chief Member Services Officer.

As the Vancity's Chief Member Services Officer, Dave drives a differentiated member experience across the organization through his depth of understanding of our members and their evolving needs. Dave oversees services to Vancity’s 543,000 members, including its branch network and retail, business, commercial and wealth management operations.

His dedication to the well-being of our members and community has led him to numerous leadership roles over his 27 years with Vancity, including Branch Manager, Director of Community Member Services, and Director of the Agile Collaborative Team responsible for organizational learning and change, VP of Community Member Services, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer and most recent the Interim Chief Member Services Officer.

During his time at Vancity, he has led and been an integral contributor to major organizational projects such as the replacement of Vancity’s core banking system, and the replacement of our payments platform. He has also been an important driver in the organization of our employees in the branch system during the pandemic helping us to stay open and help our members with their banking needs.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Dave has been a Vancity member since his early childhood and witnessed firsthand how Vancity has helped members and community when others refused. This was a key motivator for him to join the organization in the early 90’s.

Dave holds a master’s degree in Management of Co-operatives and Credit Unions from the University of Saint Mary's in Halifax, Nova Scotia and was recognized with the University’s Sidney Pobihushchy Gold Medal Leadership Award, which is given to only one outstanding graduating student each year.

In his spare time Dave enjoys ‘do it yourself’ projects and coaching youth sports. He has served as a board member for Youth Sports in Vancouver and has focused his volunteer time on youth centered initiatives.

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