Good Money Plan™

How it works

As a Vancity member it’s easy to get a Good Money Plan (PDF 1.78MB). It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how much debt you currently carry. It is the perfect place to discuss your financial future with an account manager who will walk you through the process.


Every dream deserves to be respected, supported, and achieved, whether it’s seeing new places, owning a home, changing careers, or something else entirely. Because most dreams come with a price tag, your account manager can help you with the financial aspects of achieving your personal dream.


You can’t plan for tomorrow’s dream until you know where you are today. The assessment phase helps you work out your current financial situation, including reviewing any assets and debts you have and calculating your income and expenses.

When you meet with your account manager, you’ll review the information together, fill in any gaps, and assess what the numbers mean. Then you’ll know what steps you will need take to reach your dream.


With the support of your account manager you’ll take a closer look at your financial picture, explore your options, and create a detailed plan. Together, you’ll identify everything you need to put your plan in motion, including a realistic timeline, a list of tasks, and information on any financial products that can support your journey.


Once you have your plan, your account manager will continue to help you put it into action. They’ll set up regular check-ins to discuss your progress, answer questions, coach you through the tough spots, and cheer you on as you enter the home stretch.

Get started today

First, download The Good Money Plan guidebook (PDF 1.78MB), a booklet designed to help you discover your dreams and collect some basic financial information.

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Next, book a one-hour session with your account manager. At the end of your session, you’ll have a clear and realistic plan for achieving your dream.

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