Unexpected events

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan it, and a sudden change can affect your financial stability as well as your emotional wellbeing. Unexpected events such as a death in the family, the breakup of a marriage, or an injury or disability can lead to lost earnings and extra costs that add up quickly — with potentially devastating consequences.

The good news is that with smart financial planning and a better knowledge of the resources available, you can face the big challenges in life more effectively and with greater confidence.


In addition to dealing with grief, you may need to manage finances after a death in the family, which may include resolving the estate and ensuring the living are cared for financially.


Managing finances after a divorce can be complicated. In addition to separating your joined financial holdings, you may need to pay for legal costs, spousal and child support.

Estate planning documents

Sometimes a will isn’t enough to protect you and your family. Find out which legal documents you may need to include in your estate plan.


Stabilizing your finances after losing a job is an important part of moving on from the experience and being able to explore new challenges and opportunities.

Personal injuries

Your finances after a personal injury don’t have to look bleak. There are a number of income supports available for people who sustain a personal injury on or off the job.

Long-term disability

If you were suddenly unable to work, what effect would it have on your finances and your family’s future? Find out what you can do to prevent financial catastrophe.

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