Taking a vacation

Do you have beach-blanket budget for a trip to Hawaii? Maybe you prefer a golfing vacation or a luxurious spa experience?

Whatever your taste in vacations, they provide a much-needed break in the hectic pace of everyday life. If you need to get away, we can help you save and plan for that special trip.

Saving for your trip

Use a savings account to put aside the money you’ll need for your trip. Most of our accounts pay a high rate interest that will help you reach your goal that much sooner.

Borrowing to get away

A line of credit provides ready cash for travel emergencies or to take advantage of one-time travel bargains.


Whether you want to reserve a flight, hotel or car rental, we all know having a Visa card can really help with vacation plans.  Vancity has a full suite of Visa cards to check out.  Many even offer reward points you could use for your next trip.

Online Banking

Set up multiple methods of authentication to log in to your online or mobile banking when you are travelling. If you don’t have access to your cell phone or must change your SIM card, then you won’t be able to receive your one-time passcode. By adding multiple methods of authentication, you will have peace of mind if one of your authentication methods doesn’t work.