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Vancity Fair & Fast Loan™ Fact Sheet

- Vancity is one of the first mainstream Canadian financial institutions to offer a
  sustainable alternative to payday loans.

- The Vancity Fair & Fast LoanTM provides an affordable cost of borrowing, has more flexible
  eligibility criteria than our conventional loans and can build credit history.

- Under the Vancity Fair and Fast Loan, if a member borrowed $300 for the minimum term
  of two months and paid it off after two weeks, it would cost them about $2.20, which is 19
  per cent annual percentage rate (APR).


  • Applicants must be a member of Vancity
  • Term loan
  • Amount: $100 - $1,500
  • 19% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  • Term: 2 - 24 months
  • Processing time: about an hour
  • No application fee
  • Can build credit history
  • More flexible lending criteria than other Vancity conventional loans, including lower beacon score eligibility
  • Members apply with proof of income and two pieces of ID
  • For applicants with no credit history, Vancity will review the three latest consecutive months of bill payments from two different companies
  • Certain restrictions and conditions apply including Vancity credit granting criteria
      - For more information and product terms and conditions, members can visit a
        Vancity branch or call 1.888.Vancity (826.2489).
  • Vancity is able to offer the Vancity Fair & Fast Loan to its members by looking at things differently and closely monitoring the loans:
      - Piloting with select members before expanding the offering to its broader membership
      - Taking into account its individual relationships with its members
      - Providing credit in alignment with members’ needs and ability to repay
      - Offering a higher interest rate than its conventional loans
      - For applicants with insufficient credit history, Vancity will review alternative sources
        of establishing credit worthiness, such as paying bills on time
      - Closely monitoring the loans taken - Working with the member to determine a
        repayment term that will help them repay the loan and reduce the risk of default
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