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Nov 7: Local Financial Institutions Launch New...

Local Financial Institutions Launch New Web Sites Under Joint Venture

Vancouver, November 7, 2001 - A group of local credit unions and a virtual bank have just launched new web sites as part of an e-commerce joint venture to cost effectively improve their online services.

Vancity Credit Union, Coast Capital Savings, Surrey Metro Savings and Citizens Bank of Canada under a joint venture - Inovera Solutions - are now offering new web sites with better online banking services and a wide range of new tools and information to give members improved control, flexibility, and convenience.

While the organizations' web addresses remain unchanged, both the online banking services and the general web sites have received makeovers.

Members can take advantage of a variety of new functions, including the ability to export statement information to personal accounting software, view all account and consolidated statements online, and the option to print them like ATM receipts for the Vancity site. Through one-click access, users will be able to reach online banking tools quickly and easily, and members will also have the option to personalize the site to suit their individual preferences.

Other features include customizable market and stock listings, current interest rates, up-to-the-minute financial and community news for a few of the sites, and improved mortgage and RRSP calculators. To help users with budgeting and planning, financial advice on everything from major life events to investing in RRSPs have been added to the sites.

By combining resources through a joint venture, Vancity, Coast Capital Savings, Surrey Metro Savings and Citizens Bank have been able to share the cost, resources and expertise needed to make their web sites and online services highly competitive in the financial services industry. The plan is to continue to further evolve and enhance the sites in the months to come.

"This is one more example of how we are providing better service to our members. This solution will be made available to all credit unions to ensure our industry stays current with consumer demand," says Dave Mowat, CEO, Vancity Credit Union.

Inovera Solutions is an e-commerce joint venture, whose current partners include Vancity Credit Union, Coast Capital Savings, Surrey Metro Savings, Citizens Bank of Canada and Credit Union Central of British Columbia. Its objective is to become the premier provider of customized online financial service solutions to individual credit unions across Canada. Inovera will provide the necessary products and services to enable credit unions to sustain a competitive position online, while enhancing their individual brand and community focus.

Visit Vancity's new website, Coast Capital Savings, Surrey Metro Savings and Citizens Bank