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2000 Media Releases

2000 Media Archive

December 4 Vancity EnviroFund Grant Supports Marine Ecosystem Project in Indian Arm
November 21 Vancity Continues to Provide Leadership in Corporate Accountability
November 21 Province of B.C. is Returning Unclaimed Money
October 25 Vancity and CareNet Team to Help Non-Profit Agencies
October 5 Vancity EnviroFund Grants Support Local Environmental Solutions
October 5 Vancity Enterprises helps to Bring New Affordable Housing Units to Burnaby
October 3 Vancity Wired About New Online Brokerage
September 11 Buffalo Jump - A Women's Travels Wins 2000 Vancity Book Prize
August 21 Vancity Staff Fundraiser Supports Awareness and Action on Child Poverty
August 4 Vancity Student Awards Recognize Academic Excellence
July 25 Vancity Offers Loan Interest Rebates For Shoreline Restoration
July 4 No Mortgage Payments for Five Months With Vancity's New - Free For 5 - Mortgage
June 26 WD/Vancity Partnership Addresses Increased Demand For Small - Business Growth Financing
June 19 Something New is Brewing at Vancity
June 15 New Vancity Deposit Invests in International Development
May 31 Vancity's Stan Parsons Memorial Scholarship Goes to Outstanding Burnaby Student
May 25 Vancity Environmental Awards Recognize Contributions of Youth and Teachers
May 19 Kudos are Handed Out to Vancity Employees
April 13 Vancity Shares 29 Per Cent of Net Profits with Members and Community
April 10 Announcing a valuable partnership between Vancity and the Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN)
April 9 Vancouver Peretz Institute and Vancity Enterprises partner to create new harmonious development
April 6 Vancity Receives National Recognition for Community Economic Development Initiatives
March 23 2000 Board of Directors Election Results
February 23 Vancity Appoints New CEO
February 2 Vancity Assets Grow 8% to $6.4 Billion
January 26 Vancity Savings Credit Union/ORCATEC Alliance