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Introducing new inclusive washroom signs

We have started installing new broadly inclusive washroom signage at all Vancity locations. The updated signage indicates to our employees and members who use the community stage/meeting rooms that they may confidently use the facility regardless of ability or gender (this includes transgender people).

“We’re always looking for ways to go above and beyond in ensuring we remain an inclusive workplace so our employees aren’t hindered by issues relating to ability or identity. Our refreshed signage truly reflects Vancity’s inclusive values,” says Ellen Pekeles, Vancity’s senior vice-president of operations.

At Vancity, we continuously work to ensure our branches and office buildings are inclusive places for all members and employees. Our facilities and environmental management team embarked on a thorough research and consultation process spanning more than three years to ensure the appropriate mix of information and universally recognized symbols.

This new signage complies with Municipal, Provincial and Federal building codes, while remaining true to recognized international standards. The signs take into account the need for contrasting colour, braille, tactile lettering and symbols. It also promotes further inclusion by stating “Transgender People Welcome.”

As our geographic footprint spans multiple municipalities and building code areas, each branch and office building location has unique signage requirements, some requiring landlord negotiation or customization. We’ll be installing the new signage across all locations over the next few weeks.  

Vancity is an inclusive organization that adheres to the BC Human Rights Code, which prohibits discrimination based on:

  • Race
  • Colour
  • Ancestry
  • Place of origin
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Gender identity or expression
  • Sexual orientation
  • Physical disability
  • Mental disability
  • Marital status
  • Family status
  • Age
  • Political belief
  • Summary or criminal conviction