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Vancity partners with Burnaby Board of Trade to deliver Climate Smart training

For immediate release -- February 5, 2014

Vancouver, B.C. - Vancity has partnered with the Burnaby Board of Trade to offer 20 $500 Climate Smart training scholarships to Burnaby businesses . These scholarships go towards Climate Smart program fees to enable they delivery of programming and training in partnership with the Burnaby Board of Trade’s Pledge for a Sustainable Community program. To build on this stewardship of environmental sustainability, Vancity has taken the Pledge and we’re proud to be in the advanced pledge category, which recognizes that sustainability is embedded in everything we do.

Since 2007, Vancity has partnered with Climate Smart to help our business members improve their performance through carbon footprint management. To date, we’ve provided scholarships to more than 160 businesses, co-operatives, and not-for-profit organizations to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through Climate Smart training.

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  • If you’re a business member interested in Climate Smart training, or want to learn more about the program and Vancity’s involvement, read our impact story.
  • Here’s the partnership announcement from Burnaby Board of Trade.
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