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Call for Nominations: 2015 Vancity Board of Directors’ Election

November 5, 2014

With the 2015 Board of Directors’ Election just around the corner, Vancity is extending an invitation to all members who wish to run in the election to express their interest in becoming a candidate. From now until January 6, 2015, a Call for Nominations will be posted online, in branches and advertised in newspapers, and provides members with details on how to formalize their intention to run. So, why should you consider getting involved?

Vancity is a financial co-operative. Each and every one of its members (i.e. you) owns a stake in its success:

Governance structure

Vancity’s greatest resource is the care and involvement of its members, who, by participating in the election process each year, help to make sure that Vancity continues to strive to redefine wealth – a vision which requires us to think differently about wealth and prosperity as something we can only achieve if we are connected to a vibrant, healthy community that is sustainable for the long-term.

Our members help us achieve this by depositing their money with us and we use their deposits to lend to other members who strengthen our local communities and respect the environment all while fostering personal and financial well-being – it’s part of how we make you good money by putting money to good.

We’re also the largest community credit union in Canada. Our directors have a legal responsibility and obligation to protect the assets of Vancity in the interest of all members. However, Vancity is also fundamentally different in that it searches for ways to put members needs first, make decisions that support our values, and make choices that can positively influence you, your community and beyond.

It takes thoughtful and brave leadership to focus on people and values rather than profit alone, and responsibility for such strategy lies with the Board. And whether you participate as a candidate or a voter in the election, ultimately you, as a member of Vancity, make it all possible.

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