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Would you like to serve on the Nominations and Election Committee?

It's the last week to submit your application to serve on the 2014 Nominations and Election Committee

June 28, 2013

Our invitation to members to apply to serve on Vancity’s Nominations and Election Committee for our 2014 Board of Directors’ Election expires on July 5, 2013. If you’d like to submit your application, now’s the time to do so.

The Committee oversees all matters relating to the annual Board of Directors’ Election and is key to maintaining the integrity of the election. The Committee is made up of directors and non-directors (or members-at-large). Lending your voice and expertise through the Nominations and Election Committee is one way you can help shape our credit union and its future.

If chosen to serve on the Nominations and Election Committee, you’ll be overseeing the election process, assessing and interviewing candidates, and providing recommendations to our Board. Each year, we ask our members to make their mark by voting in the Vancity Board of Directors’ Election. The Nominations and Election Committee helps guide an important and democratic process for our members where their voice is vital in choosing candidates for our Board. Members’ votes influence the direction the credit union takes and move us ever forward in the goal of helping our members and communities thrive.

Election process chart

Previous committees have benefitted greatly from the collective insight and experience of these non-director members, so it’s time again to tap into the diverse expertise of our membership. For more details on the Committee and how to complete your application, please click here.

We look forward to meeting those of you interested in applying for a place on the 2014 Nominations and Election Committee.