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Showcasing international development through co-operatives

October 23, 2013

New Huffington Post blog showcases the international work of the Canadian Co-operative Association

The Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) has launched a new blog on international development through the popular U.S.-based e-publication The Huffington Post. The blog is intended as a forum for people to share development perspectives on co-operatives and co-operation. Vancity is a member of CCA and contributes to the blog.

CCA’s international development projects build on the experience of local partners in Africa, Asia and the Americas and are strengthened by the expertise of hundreds of volunteers from Canada’s co-operative sector. Each year Vancity lends employees as volunteers on CCA’s international development projects, which provide leadership to promote, develop and unite co-operatives and credit unions for the benefit of people in Canada and around the world. Eighteen Vancity employees have donated over two years' worth of time to CCA's International Program, averaging one month of donated time each. In total, 138 Canadian volunteers have donated 2,255 days, worth $1.4 million, to CCA’s International Program.

Vancity also has supported CCA’s efforts to raise $12 million for co-operative development around the world by pledging $250,000 to the Co-operative Development Foundation’s Build a Better World Campaign. The money will fund efforts to reduce poverty in Asia, Africa, and Latin America through the development of locally owned co-operatives and credit unions. Since 2001, Vancity and its employees have fundraised or donated over $800,000 to the Co-operative Development Foundation.