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Vancity Puts Diversity Into Action on Canadian Multiculturalism Day

Vancity Puts Diversity Into Action on Canadian Multiculturalism Day

VANCOUVER – June 27, 2012. As we celebrate Canadian Multiculturalism Day on June 27th, AMSSA is pleased to acknowledge the 1,000 Safe Harbour-certified locations across British Columbia that are taking a stand for diversity in their community.

“The Safe Harbour: Respect for All program creates opportunities for businesses, institutions, agencies, and municipalities to join together to promote their leadership in diversity, inclusion, and corporate social responsibility” says AMSSA’s provincial program coordinator, Lindsay Marsh.

Diversity, in all its forms, contributes to the richness and strength of our social fabric. In Canada, our inclusive society recognizes the diversity of our cultures and our communities as an asset to our collective heritage. Canada’s largest credit union,

Vancity is involved with the program across B.C. Rick Sielski, Chief Operating Officer, Member Services, said, “Vancity is committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive workplace and supporting our members and their communities to help them thrive and prosper. We’re proud to participate and support the Safe Harbor program which is aligned with our values of creating inclusive and respectful environments that are representative of the diversity in any of our member communities.”

AMSSA, alongside 17 immigrant settlement and multicultural non-profit agencies, offer knowledge, practical tips, and resources to create welcoming environments for diversity through interactive workshops, networking events, and ongoing relationship building. Participating managers and staff learn how to ensure equity in their service to diverse customers and clients, prevent discrimination, and remain prepared to provide an immediate safe refuge to anyone experiencing mistreatment.

Phelan Jung, branch manager at the Commercial Drive Community Branch and one of the first Vancity branches to certify expressed: “Our staff is proud to be affiliated with Safe Harbour. It made a lot sense for us to join and try to make a difference in our community.”

Look for the colourful window decal on storefronts in your neighbourhood. June 27th is a celebration of the unique contributions of the diverse people that make up Canadian society. By celebrating our differences, we also see just how much we have in common.

In honour of this day of celebration, AMSSA invites everyone to take time to sit down with their coworkers and neighbours and discuss what respect means to them. In this way, we will help to create safer, more welcoming communities to which we aspire.

This project is made possible through funding by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation under Embrace BC. For more details, please visit

Lindsay Marsh, AMSSA
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