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Abbotsford Community Kitchen: Food for the soul

Abbotsford Community Kitchen: Food for the soul

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A few years ago the Abbotsford Food Bank noticed many clients were opting for prepared foods instead of more nutritious items because they’d never learned to cook. To address this issue, the Abbotsford Community Kitchen was born. Vancity has provided tens of thousands of dollars through community project grants to launch the Kitchen and build its capacity and long-term sustainability.

Under the guidance of a Community Kitchen Coordinator and cooking teacher, families learn how to eat a healthy and varied diet on a low budget. Youth learn skills to live independently, recent immigrants are introduced Canadian food and share their food traditions, and people with disabilities acquire job skills. The Abbotsford Community Kitchen also offers a support network where people can connect.

Food security is an issue for many people on a low income and learning to shop and cook on a budget is an important step towards financial literacy.


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