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enviroFund Lighter Living

5 year focus: lighter living

Our 5 year focus

From 2018-2022,  Vancity envirofund™ will be invested in projects that make it easier for us all to live lighter and preserve the earth’s resources for future generations. A five year focus allows us to create true systemic change and greater access for future growth in our communities. Previously, the five year focus for the Vancity enviroFund™ program was to support the development of a sustainable local food system. Vancity enviro™ Visa cardholders raised $5 million that we invested into 150 local food projects Local food continues to be supported through other Vancity granting streams, but now we have an opportunity to support another area: lighter living initiatives that encourage us all to consume less, waste less, live more and share more.

What is lighter living?

Lighter living is important to enviro™ Visa cardholders because it allows people to spend their hard-earned money on things that really matter- quality, long lasting goods, experiences over material possessions, healthier and more sustainable forms of transport etc. Lighter living means greater access to more sustainable products and the shared use of goods and services. It means having more time for ourselves, our communities and our natural world. We are all doing something in our daily lives to live lighter such as biking or walking instead of driving, minimizing our plastic use, repairing things rather than buying new, sharing tools with your neighbour, eating less meat and so on! Let’s celebrate what we are doing to live lighter and challenge ourselves to do more, for the sake of ourselves, our children and our planet.  Find out more.

enviroFund applicants

Is your organization creating programs or projects that support sustainable consumption and production practices in our communities? You can apply to join the enviroFund program if your project falls under one of our three priority areas: