Strategic sectoral and systemic initiatives

Strategic partnerships

With our focus on lighter living, we endeavor to reduce the ecological footprint of the communities we serve by making investments that will create systems change, while improving the health and well-being of our members. Lighter living is about moving beyond a simple carbon-based approach, to a more holistic understanding of what is causing us to live beyond the planet's means.

Through strategic investments into community partners we are helping to develop an enabling ecosystem that will achieve several goals:

  1. More existing businesses alter their practices to achieve lighter living (especially in the areas of buildings, food and waste)
  2. An increase in the number and sustainability of new markets, business models, and enterprises that enable lighter living behaviors for businesses and individuals
  3. Improved awareness and engagement with lighter living in the communities we serve so that individuals are empowered to reduce their personal footprint

We invest in non-profits, social enterprises, co-ops, values-driven for-profits, labour unions, indigenous groups or First Nation governments to seed change and scale solutions that will enable lighter living within our trade region.

In 2020 we will focus largely on investments to:

  • improve the energy consumption and emissions from buildings (both new and existing)
  • reduce wasted food
  • increase uptake of plant-based diets
  • decrease consumption of fossil fuels via renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • address upstream solutions to waste for both business and households
  • develop the local circular economy


By using a systems-based approach we seek to build reciprocal partnerships that will serve to enhance the lighter living ecosystem and bring opportunities for the credit union and its members. By understanding the landscape, key actors, and issues around climate action we thoughtfully invest in and partner with organizations, initiatives, businesses, and projects that are working collaboratively to deliver solutions at scale.

If you have an organization or initiative that you wish to share with us and that might be a good fit for a strategic partnership with Vancity then please email us at with a brief description.