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Priority area: Strategic sectoral and systemic initiatives

This priority area for the Vancity enviroFund™ grants supports projects that offer new, innovative and scalable projects that seed change in how people live their daily lives including their patterns of consumption, that increase education and awareness about the resources we use and the waste we create, and that help to develop new policies, cultural context, and markets for more sustainable products and services and ways of living.

Examples of the kinds of projects we support include:

  • Organizations that enable strong policy-making and public sector support for lighter living;
  • Organizations that support local businesses to create new models and markets and find sustainable, smart business strategies to reduce their ecological footprint.
  • Organizations that build a broad base of impact in the community through partnerships, and that create and respond to opportunities to partner and collaborate on scalable strategies for reducing consumption in a particular business sector.
  • Organizations that are shaping the conditions for lighter living including shifting culture, infrastructure, educational systems, markets and policies.

Our goal with these grants is to support projects that change the way people, businesses and local governments work: helping our communities to thrive while reducing our overall ecological footprint.