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Living the New Economy hosts its inaugural event in Victoria

Living The New Economy

Following a successful event in Vancouver in 2012, The Healing Cities Institute and EcoDesign Resource Society are hosting Living the New Economy (Vancouver Island), a week of events in Victoria The Car Shop at the Roundhouse at Bayview Place. From November 29 through December 5, 2013, this series of workshops, dialogues and interactive events are designed to energize, accelerate and celebrate the people and organizations that are bringing a new economic movement to life.

These events will inspire new collaborations, facilitate new project partnerships, accelerate the work of social entrepreneurs, and showcase local innovation in sectors ranging from housing, food, transportation, energy and finance.

How do we get off this roller coaster? Are there different ways of exchanging value -- our energy, talents, passion and creativity -- that support our needs, nurture the community and are harmonious with the environment? What are the specific opportunities, skills, resources, and strategies that we can engage now to build a sustainable, healthy economy?

The "New Economy" encompasses:

  • Economic activities that bring the human economy into greater balance with our natural ecosystems
  • A movement towards a more equitable economic arrangement for people and communities, including more collaborative and distributed forms of ownership and greater economic democracy
  • The building of economic, physical and social resilience in local economies and communities
  • The "sharing economy", which includes collaborative consumption and the restoration of a more human and social element to economic transactions and other economic activities
  • The use of new technologies, especially communications and internet-based technologies, to make all of the above possible in ways they haven't been before.

Vancity is the proud presenting sponsor of Living the New Economy (Vancouver Island) 2013. From social entrepreneurship to microfinance and local food security, many of elements of the New Economy align with our vision and values and we hope to see the event build on their success in its sophomore year. Good Money knows that investing in the local economy will help local businesses to thrive. We’re excited to bring our specialists to these events so that we can be part of a week of stimulating discussions.

Special Offer to Vancity Members

This year, Vancity is pleased to offer its members once again, 50% off the ticket price, both on the full week pass, and any of the individual event tickets. You will need to log on to the event’s website and order tickets here using the password LNEVANCITY. You can also show your Vancity Card in person if you would like to buy tickets on site. Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your session to secure your seats.

The Victoria Branches will have a limited number of complimentary tickets available as well to interested members. Visit your local branch at your earliest convenience and ask about our participation at Living the New Economy (Vancouver Island), and they will be happy to help you.

You can find more information about the events, topics and speakers at

Vancity Speakers and Panelists include:

  • Lauren Dobell, Director of Partnerships, Community Investment
    - November 29, 7pm: Opening Remarks
  • Heather Gordon, Program Manager, Community Investment (Microfinance)
    - December 1, 10am: Financing the Future
  • Andrea DiLucca, Associate, Community Investment (Resilient Capital)
    - December 1, 10am: Nonprofits Starting a Social Enterprise
  • Rebecca Pearson, Account Manager, Community Business
    - December 1, 10am: Business Models
    - December 5, 1:30pm: The Power of Raising Local Forms of Capital
  • Kira Gerwing, Manager, Community Investment (Social Purpose Real Estate)
    - December 1, 1:30pm: Community Resilience through New Forms of Ownership
    - December 2, 1pm: Revitalizing Your Downtown Core - A Design Collaboration
  • Morgan Beall, Program Manager, Community Investment (Microfinance)
    - December 3, 1:30pm: Starting a Regional Food Hub
  • Mandeep Sidhu, Specialist, Community Investment (Social Purpose Real Estate)
    - December 4, Better than One: Exploring Community Outcomes of Shared Working Spaces
  • Graham Boulding, Small Business Specialist
    - December 5, 6pm, Fish Bowl.