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If you are concerned about how your estate will be handled when you die, Vancity may be able to provide trust services that give you peace of mind. We can act as your executor to ensure that your estate is professionally administered and that your wishes are followed.

Choosing an executor or co-executor

An executor is an individual or a corporation named in your will to settle your estate when you die. The executor takes legal ownership and possession of your assets and is responsible for distributing your assets to your beneficiaries and for paying your debts and taxes.

The choice of your executor or co-executor is one that deserves careful consideration. Your executor will make crucial decisions, so it’s a big responsibility. It’s essential that the executor possess good judgment and business experience and have the ability to relate well with members of your family.

Your executor has a special duty to act in good faith for the benefit of your beneficiaries and can be held personally liable for any mistakes that cause a loss to your estate. So you need to choose your executor wisely to ensure that your estate is managed carefully.

We have the ability to administer your estate through to completion, something that an individual executor may not always be able to do. Vancity also offers the professional expertise and impartiality so necessary for the administration of your estate. And we can do that without losing sight of the sensitivity needed to deal with personal issues. Where it is appropriate, as in the case of a smaller estate, we may recommend that you approach a trusted relative or close friend to take on the responsibilities of the executor.

Estate planning information

Some people might think that estate planning is only for the rich and famous. We don’t share that view. And we don’t believe you should either. Estate planning is for anyone who wants to make sure their final wishes are carried out. Still, it’s not always an easy task. To help you get started, we provide a number of estate planning resources

Need more information?

We would be pleased to explain our trust services or provide you with an estimate of the executor fees relating to your estate plan.

For more information please contact: Linda Dear, Manager of Estates & Trusts, at 604-877-8288.


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