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Squamish About Us

About Us

Yesterday and today

Formed in 1944, Squamish Savings has been a fixture in the community for 65 years. In fact, we were the first financial institution in town. It all began when, together, our founders were able to pool a staggering total of $73.50 – and, so it was, we were in business. Ensuing years saw the growth and evolution of an organization that was clearly here for the long haul. And after a 2005 merger, Squamish Savings became a proud division of Vancity.

Today Squamish Savings is located at Chieftain Centre where full financial services are offered to members. Squamish savings also operates a motor vehicle office through two insurance agencies. The insurance agencies are located at Garibaldi Highlands and Chieftain Centre.

Want to know more about our impressive history? Check out our detailed timeline.

About us, at-a-glance

In addition to our passionate commitment to , here is some top-level information that will help you get to know more about us:

  • As part of the Vancity Group, our members have access to a network of Vancity branch locations.
  • Our teams of financial and insurance professionals are directed by a
  • Yup, our Payment Card is absolutely accepted surcharge-free at Exchange ATMs – one of the largest banking machine networks in Canada.
  • We have Internet and telephone banking services that provide 24/7 access to your accounts.
  • Both Squamish Savings and Vancity are represented provincially through our membership in Central 1, and are regulated by the Financial Institution Commission.
  • As a Squamish Savings member, your deposits carry unlimited deposit insurance protection. In fact, all money on deposit and money invested in non-equity shares with any BC credit union — including Vancity — is 100% guaranteed. However, credit union equity shares and investments such as mutual funds or RRSP equity plans are not covered by deposit insurance.
  • You can be reassured that, amidst a world of change, we are committed to conducting business with integrity, innovation, and responsibility as outlined in the Vancity Group’s Statement of Values and Commitments.