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The Cleaning Solution offers socially and environmentally friendly service

The Cleaning Solution

About this story

Offering professional janitorial and specialized cleaning services that have an environmental and social impact is all in a day’s work for The Cleaning Solution, which serves private, public, and not-for-profit organizations. The company mostly employs people living with mental health illnesses who are ready and able to work, and uses environmentally friendly cleaning products to keep them and its clients safer.

A Vancity member since it began in 2004, The Cleaning Solution has received three grants from the Vancity-funded Enterprising Non-Profits program as well as a line of credit from Vancity to bridge receivables and enable expansion.

The Cleaning Solution is a socially conscious employer that contributes to a healthy environment. Vancity invests in successful local companies that contribute to the community and protect the environment, to ensure we have a flourishing society and ecosystem for generations to come.