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Mission Possible and Vancity join forces to create job opportunities in the Downtown Eastside

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Mission Possible Compassionate Ministries Society is a Downtown Eastside agency that provides opportunities for people challenged by homelessness and poverty by helping them to achieve a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work. It creates jobs that lead to lasting change through its social enterprises, MP Maintenance, MP Recycling and MP Neighbours.

When MP Maintenance won a large contract with Corix Utilities, it approached Vancity for help with financing. Vancity responded with a line of credit as well as business coaching, management training and technical support.

“I approached Vancity for financial assistance,” says Mission Possible executive director Brian Postlewait, “but I also received business coaching, management training and technical support from them, which was both unexpected and appreciated. We wouldn’t have been able to grow as an organization without Vancity.”